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Below is a list of just some of the items we accept for recycling. (Use the arrows to see more items)

Desktop PC

Networking Equipment

Data Center Equipment

Office Electronics

Mobile Devices


AV-Audio and Video

Test Equipment

Point of Sale

Business and Industrial Electronics


Consumer Electronics


Parts and Components

Barcode Equipment


Below is a list of some of the items we do not accept for recycling. (Use the arrows to see more items)

Municipal Waste

Hazardous Waste

Large Appliances

Construction and Debris

Air Conditioners






Motor/Transmission Oil



We charge a fee to accept items that cost more to dispose of than what they are worth. (Use the arrows to see more items)

CRT Monitors


$.50 per Lb.



$.50 per Lb.

Rear-Projection TV


$.50 per Lb.

LCD Monitors w/ Cracked Screens


$.25 per Lb.

LCD TV w/ Cracked Screens


$.25 per Lb.

Empty Toner Cartridges


$.25 per Lb.



$.15 per Lb.



$.15 per Lb.



$.15 per Lb.

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Recycle My Computer

If your old computer equipment is taking up space in your facility and you want it gone, then reach out to us. When you Schedule a Pickup one of our crews will pick up the equipment that you wish to recycle. The job will get done quickly, quietly, and safely. RPC Global is an R2 Certified Recycling Company. We earned this certification because we actively protect the environment and create many new green jobs in the community. We are committed to ‘Disposing your PC and making it RPC.’

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We are proud of our work because it helps businesses clear out their clutter. Meanwhile, their old computer has a second chance at being useful once again.

Answering the Top Three Questions About Our Business

What do you do with the equipment?

We strictly adhere to the Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Every piece of equipment that is brought into our facility is subjected to this standard. Items that can be repaired are fixed, refurbished, and resold. Things that no longer have any technological value or are beyond the point of reasonable repair are torn down and sorted into various components and sold as a bulk commodity, such as glass, plastic, and metals. In other words: Items that can be reused are reused, items that can be recycled are recycled. The overall goal is to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill.

Why do you resell the equipment?

The reality is simple: Recycling is expensive. While we are passionate about the work we do and its importance on future generations, we would not absorb the cost of paying our employees, covering the licensures and certifications or even keeping the lights on in our building without doing something to bring money in. By reselling items that can be repaired and cashing in on commodities that would otherwise have found their way into a landfill, we can continue to process electronics safely and responsibly.

Why on Earth should I recycle with you?

Recycling is the quickest, safest, and most cost-effection solution for disposing of computer electronics. Technology value does not go up with age as it does in the art world; we are not talking about a Picasso. Truthfully, it is the exact opposite. With each passing year, that “latest and greatest” gadget you bought a few years ago is now obsolete, and nobody is going to give you a dime for it. It could have sentimental value, and some items are collectible. But unless you have the original Apple Computer, then you most likely have a glorified “doorstop.”

That being said, there is a “window of opportunity” to reuse gently used computer items. The idea is to restore it, also called, refurbishing should not be lost. This process entails installing new components into a used chassis, giving the computer a 2nd chance at proving useful. It might have a few scratches, but that is only cosmetic. With its new parts installed, it can run like new again. Small businesses and economically disadvantaged persons are the primary beneficiaries of refurbished computers. It allows them to get a solid working machine at a price they can afford.

So, I guess we’d ask one more question of you: Why wouldn’t you want to recycle with us?