Electronics Recycling and Disposal

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Call (713)783-5916 or send an email to: sales@rpcglobal.net

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We Pack, We Ship

Nationwide Transportation and Collection Service.

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A detailed record of all equipment picked up will be issued

Why Recycle?

RPC Global believes recycling is the cleanest, most efficient, and effective method for disposing of electronic waste. Read more »

What They Say

It was very nice to meet you and your team at our Fair on April 22nd. Thank you very much for participating and for bringing all the information and collecting all the recyclable electronics. The Fair was a huge success, and we appreciate you, Juanita, Jose, David and Daniel taking the time to be a part of it.

- Allison M. - Energy Company

All of our services are guaranteed to comply with local, state and national EPA certified procedures. For more information on our company, please either contact us at 713-783-5916 or visit our website at www.rpcglobal.net

US EPA ID # TXR000052233
TCEQ Solid Waste Registration 87200

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